Wedgwood Pink Pearlware Dessert Service

Wedgwood Pink Pearlware Dessert Service

This 19th century Wedgwood dessert service consists of 12 scallop shaped dessert plates and two large clam shell plates with a shaded pink glaze that varies on each piece. The molded plates are realistically shaped as Josiah Wedgwood was fascinated by conchology/shells and remained true to the natural forms.
A rare and complete service perfect for display and a most unique and interesting table setting. Made in England, Ca. 1860
The scallop plates measure 8 3/4" D, the clam plates are 10" x 6 1/4" 

In the late 18th century all manner of marine ornaments including shells and sea creatures, whether real or inspired by mythology, were being used as decorative motifs on furniture and ceramics. Shell and seaweed designs feature in Josiah’s early pattern books, and his interest in the subject is shown by the many shell forms he made throughout his working life.

Scallop Plates, 8.75" diameter x 0.6" height
Item #: 3167
Price: $8,400


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